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A Must Read About DeFi

DeFi... Decentralized Finance is simply a way of using crypto currencies for many financial purposes like how banks operate the fiat currencies to benefit those saving it in the bank

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What is DeFi


Many DeFi coins and projects have flooded the crypto space recently including scam projects. Recently some people are making very significant loss in an attempt to make huge gain in DeFi projects.


For instance, Eminence EMN, a gaming DeFi protocol developed by Andrew Cronje the founder of yearn.finance crashed in span of few hours after investors had poured $15 mln into the project.

Someone in particular FOMOed (Feared Missing Out) into the project and hastily invested $130.5k just for him to end up with $368 few hours later has the project crashed.

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DeFi Crash


So, take heed and be wise. Do not invest in a DeFi coin or project that you know little or nothing about the fundamentals. Even if you know, invest little, do not go into it with greed.


Don't FOMO into any coin or project

You can't really miss out in crypto market

Be patient

Your own opportunity will come

Wait but learn while waiting

I wish above all that you and I prosper in our trades!